1. Seafood pizza

    tuna, prawn, anchovies and fresh tomato
  2. BBQ pizza

    bbq sauce, turkey ham, mushroom, red onion and mix pepper
  3. Sweet delight pizza

    ham, mushroom, pineapple and sweetcorn
  4. Mexican hot pizza

    red onion, mixed peppers, spicy beef and jalapeno chilies
  5. Chicken special pizza

    red onion, mushroom, halal chicken and mixed peppers
  6. Pizza napoli

    capers, anchovies and mushroom
  7. Tonno pizza

    fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, tuna, onion, black olives and oregano
  8. Donner pizza

    donner meat, onions, beef, fresh tomato and mozzarella cheese
  9. Vegetarian pizza

    red onion, peppers, mushroom and sweetcorn
  10. Pepperoni plus pizza

    double pepperoni and double cheese
  11. Hawaiian pizza

    Ham and pineapple
  12. Romana pizza

    fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, black olives, anchovies and oregano
  13. Amigo pizza

    mix pepper, onion, fresh chilli, spicy beef, pepperoni
  14. Chinese chicken pizza

    chinese chicken, mushroom, mixed peppers and sweetcorn
  15. Vegetarian classic

    red onion, mixed peppers, mushroom,fresh tomatoes and asparagus
  16. Meat feast pizza

    pepperoni, ham and spicy beef
  17. Vegetarian hot

    red onion, mixed peppers, mushroom and jalapeno chillies
  18. Pepperoni hot pizza

    pepperoni, green chillies, bacon and tandoori chicken
  19. Beef eater pizza

    red onion, mushroom and spicy beef
  20. Sicilana pizza

    fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, anchovies, capers and oregano
  21. American hot pizza

    red onion, mixed peppers, pepperoni and chillies
  22. Chicken trio pizza

    bbq chicken, chinese chicken and plain chicken
  23. BBQ chicken pizza

    bbq chicken, fresh tomato, mixed peppers, red onion and bbq sauce
  24. Tandoori classic

    Tandoori Chicken,Onion,Mushroom,Green Chilli,Mix Peppers
  25. Chefs special pizza

    ham, pepperoni, spicy beef, mushroom, mixed peppers and red onions
  26. Vegetarian deluxe pizza

    red onion, spinach, fresh tomatoes and black olives
  27. Spicy chicken mix pizza

    tandoori chicken. mexican chicken, mixed peppers and jalapenos
  28. Classic pizza

    bacon, mushroom and fresh tomato
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